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Preferred Provider Program

The Oxford Research Institute Inc., a nonprofit public accrediting and certification agency, is pleased to announce another quality service to corporate providers of ergonomic or Human Factors Engineering Services. If the criteria listed below can be met they will be eligible to use the ORI seal of excellence and be listed as a preferred provider of ergonomic services. We believe that this designation will further help superior ergonomic provider organizations to further differentiate their services from other less qualified providers. Please read the remainder of this notice since there are additional tangible benefits which are derived from the use of this designation; In order to become a "Preferred Provider of Ergonomic Services", the organization must meet the following criteria:

  1. At least Five years of continuous consulting with a principal business focus on human factors and/or ergonomics as the primary service provided.
  2. At least 60% of the professional staff of the applying organization must be certified by ORI with the CIE, CAE or CHFEP. At least one person of the 60 % who are certified must have either the CIE or CHFEP credential.
  3. The service providers must represent a multidisciplinary team approach as reflected in their academic background and/or experience.
  4. ORI will independently verify that the consulting service or product quality was superior by contacting a random sample of the service provider's clients with a pre-determined list of questions, e.g.
    • Describe the nature of the work/service provided or the type of problem which was solved_____________.
    • When was this work performed? (Date /Duration).
    • Was the technical work performed or product delivered, of high or adequate quality?___yes or no_____ (Please describe).
    • Would you contract HFE or Ergonomics work with this firm in the future? ___yes or no_____.
    • Would you recommend this service provider to other similar companies?
    • Please provide us with your name and title. ___________________ __________________
    • Would you mind if we shared your comments with the service provider? This information will then be shared with the service provider through a written communication.
  5. Fee (fee is scaled to, and is dependent upon, the size of the organization to be accredited as a preferred provider).

    For organizations with fewer than < 10 providers, the fee is $1,550.00 with $300.00 renewal fee every three years

    For organizations with more than 10 and fewer than 25 providers, the fee is $2350.00 with $400.00 renewal every three years


  1. The provider would be allowed to use the ORI's five star seal of ergonomic excellence to assure their clients that they are an approved provider of Ergonomic services. This seal and logo will help differentiate your services from other, less qualified service providers.
  2. ORI will refer business to your organization without any cost or finders fee.
  3. ORI will provide deposition services if required, on a cost basis to support your organization as a preferred and well-qualified provider of ergonomic services.
  4. ORI will be willing to team with any preferred provider to augment their existing capability in providing extended services for a duration up to six months on a cost basis without profit.
  5. ORI will refer business to Corporate Preferred Providers of Ergonomic Services and to Individuals who are certified by ORI.

Organizations that have received the preferred provider status:

  1. THE STATE COMPENSATION INSURANCE FUND OF CALIFORNIA has received the Five Star Seal of Ergonomic Excellence as a Preferred Provider of Ergonomic Services to their clients for over eight years. For additional information, contact the Ergonomics Services Supervisor, (RJ) at 415-975-2401.

  2. THE BUV ELECTRIC VEHICLE of Blazing Technology Inc. of PA has received the Five Star Seal of Ergonomic Excellence for their ergonomic design efforts and in their compliance with all ADA requirements. For additional information, contact Mr. Robert Backer, VP at 717-765-8662.

  3. CARLOW ASSOCIATES INC. of Northern Virginia has received the Five Star Seal of Ergonomic Excellence for the quality of their Human Factors Engineering and ergonomic Services which they have been providing to their clients for over 20 years. For additional information, please contact Dr. Tom Malone at 703-298-3451.