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Certification in Industrial Ergonomics & Human Factors Engineering

Purpose and Mission

Oxford Research Institute is a multidisciplinary technical ergonomic certification and accreditation organization formed to facilitate, and foster, multidisciplinary applications of Ergonomics and Human Factors Engineering to improve human safety and system performance. Our goal is to elevate the acceptance of ergonomics and Human Factors Engineering methods, data, technology and persons who practice this profession.

The global mission of The Oxford Research Institute is to encourage & foster excellence in ergonomics through design. This mission is partially achieved through the execution of multidisciplinary technical certification and accreditation programs which focus on establishing ergonomics design criteria and requirements to assure technical excellence of certificate holders. This also includes University accreditation, training and education of academic and commercial organizations, and the publication of journal articles, books and other mechanisms to enhance ergonomic design of products, tools, facilities, equipment, tasks, procedures, training and management systems.

Grants or direct contracts with commercial institutions may fund some of our programmatic work. The certified professionals typically provide the focus of the institute. Any certified member may suggest or propose a thrust area activity. Each proposal is prepared and reviewed by the Board of Directors. A two-thirds approval vote of the directors will forward the proposal to the Executive Director for final approval. Internal funding may be made available to formalize the ergonomic safety proposal and identify an external-funding base. The member responsible for suggesting the proposal idea is appointed chairman of the technical committee and is then responsible for executing the program.

From time to time, The Oxford Research Institute provides "Awards for Excellence" to a select individuals or organization which achieve exemplary performance levels congruent with the Institutes goals of excellence.

As of July, 2007 ORI has certified 407 Industrial Ergonomist and/ or Human Factors Engineers. In addition ORI has accredited several major University HFE/Ergonomics programs.